The Reclaim Plan

Menopause Makeover

Reclaim – 90 Day Menopause Makeover

The Ultimate Makeover for Body and Soul

Tried every diet going and not been able to stick to any of them?

Sick of feeling exhausted and stressed and just want to feel like you again?

Feel like you’re in a constant battle yet losing the war on menopause?

Your life is all about other people – not you?

You’re always looking for that elusive ‘quick fix’ but it never works?

You Will Love This Plan If You…

feel fat, frazzled  frumpy, or f****d of most of the time and want to stop

self soothe with wine and Netflix when life is overwhelming

need to shut your inner ‘mean girl’ up and stop negative self-talk

love food and want to enjoy it again, without guilt or feeling deprived

The ‘Reclaim Plan’ takes the overwhelm out of menopause and replaces it with calm, so you can focus on who you want to be and what you want to do in this new phase of your life. We are putting you firmly back in the driver’s seat and giving you a road map to discover the ‘New Reclaimed You’ even if you are unsure who she is – yet.

In this transformational 12 week journey using our deep dive and coaching calls, we figure out what’s holding you back from having the life and health you deserve. We’ll throw the diet books and food rules out forever, and we’ll create a new way for you to live your life.

We’ll work together to figure out how to reduce your particular menopause symptoms, define your health and life goals, then create a tailor-made plan to help you achieve them.

Plus, I promise you won’t have to give up the foods you love. We will be adding joy to your life, not sucking it out, so don’t throw out the chocolate, popcorn, cheese, crackers or wine.

With this plan, we will shake up your world, but in a good way to reshape the way you think and feel about your menopause. I’ll help you take small, easy steps to make the changes you want in your life that help you:

  • Plan for long-term success and happiness. We create a simple, sustainable plan to improve menopausal symptoms, general health, eating habits and weight management goals.
  • Focus on eating for hormonal health and balance to reduce menopause symptoms like hot flushes, brain fog, exhaustion and creeping weight gain.
  • Improve digestion. Learn which foods can help calm indigestion and bloating while improving hormonal health, boosting immunity, and reducing stress.
  • Optimise sleep. Create new healthy habits that will improve both the quantity and quality of your sleep, so your wake feeling refreshed and with all the energy your need to do the things you love.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm in your life. Learn how to replace anxiety with balance, firm boundaries, and a schedule that makes your life more about you and less about others.
  • Reset your mindset, a healthier life isn’t just about food and exercise. It’s also about what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. Let’s figure out what you want and how to achieve  your personal ‘Happy.’
  • Embrace the change and enjoy this new stage in your life. It’s a great age to reinvent your life or make a few upgrades.
  • Boost your energy, body confidence and create a life balance that enables you to grab your life with both hands

I’m here to help, support, guide, and kick ass in equal measures where needed. Together we’ll help you take back control, love yourself and your body again, and do it all without giving up chocolate, wine or any other of your favourite food!

The ‘Reclaim’ is the perfect plan if you want to embrace transformation and give your menopause an attitude makeover.

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