Over Indulged Post Weekend Blues?

8 Jun 2021 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Rebound From The Weekend


You have got to love a long lazy weekend. Time to kick back have a lie in with a cup of tea with a few ginger nut biscuits and a good book. Then it’s brunch with your partner at your favourite café that makes the best pancakes. You may have enjoyed a few more glasses of wine & canapes than you intended to at a wonderful social gathering with friends or had a  cheat meal that became two or three.

We have all been there – the post-weekend blues, beating yourself up and feeling guilty because you have been working so hard at your weight loss plan and you feel like you have taken a giant step backwards!

It’s time to keep calm and put the guilt away! It is easy to get back on track and moving forward again.

Here are my 5 tips to help you get back on track after a holiday weekend.

1. Get Some Sleep

This may seem like a strange place to start, but it’s so important that I’m putting it on the top of the list. Why? Let’s face it, when we’re tired we tend to make fewer healthy choices throughout the day and reach for the quick-fix energy boost we need, often in the form of sugar-filled options and processed snacks.

Lack of sleep disrupts circadian rhythms and can lead to inefficient body regulation of energy balance, metabolism and appetite. Abnormal leptin and ghrelin levels – hormones that tell your body it’s full – can go awry when your body isn’t fully rested and this is especially true for peri and menopausal women.

To get more sleep, set a goal of what time you need to be in bed each night to get the 7-9 hours you need.   Try it this week and see what difference you notice, both in how you feel and your appetite. I’m committing to getting _______ hours of sleep each night this week.

2. Get Back Into Your Routine

Get up on Monday morning and be intentional about your day and week. Wake up, stretch, write down 5 things you are grateful for, drink water, have a healthy breakfast and be kind to yourself. Shake off the holiday slothfulness a get back to feeling and being successful.

3. Water, Water & Some More Water

Get yourself hydrated. Aim for 2 litres or 8 glasses of water a day for the rest of the week. Drink water in between meals (water with your meals will decrease the strength of your digestive enzymes and make it hard for your body to digest and pull nutrients from your food) this will help you feel full so you are less like to overeat at mealtimes. Plus drinking water reduces fatigue and brain fog.

4. Be Kind to Your Digestive System

Give your digestive system it’s own long weekend (or a version of it). Let your digestive system have a rest, especially if you have overindulged over the weekend and a gained a little weight after a weekend.

Maybe replace a meal or two with a freshly extracted veggie juice or a smoothie (check out the clean eating recipe guide for ideas). By juicing or blending a smoothie you are breaking the meal down so your digestive system does have to work so hard to pull all the nutrients out and those nutrients can make up for your cheat meals over the weekend.

5.Time to Refocus and Recommit to your Goals.

It could be as simple as add 2 handfuls of leafy greens to your lunch and evening meals, or saying ‘NO’ to that extra latte and having a peppermint tea instead. You may choose to cut out grains, sugar or dairy for a week or two. Do what works for you and remember small changes lead to huge change. Plus cutting out or reducing foods that don’t serve you and adding in foods that do can really give your metabolism a boost and you will see the results

As the saying goes ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!’ So you didn’t make the best food decisions over the weekend it’s all good. Life happens and weight loss isn’t a linear thing. Anyway – there always has to be room for life and to be human right?. All you need to do is be kind to yourself and move forward with intention and your goals in mind. In a week or two, you won’t believe how easy it was to get back on track and lose that kg or two you gained. You Have So Got This!


Let me know how you get on – I love hearing about your successes.

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